5 Mobile Apps For Smooth Business Travel

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Every week, there are great new mobile apps being released on the market, and we here at IAAP are always on the lookout for cool and useful tools that will make your life a little easier. Few things have been more impacted by mobile tech as business travel. Whether you’re changing flights, booking a rental car, finding a replacement laptop battery, getting a cab at 3:00 am or retrieving key documents at the last minute, having a smartphone or tablet provides a lot of convenience.

With that in mind, and in the interest of brevity, here are five mobile apps I’ve discovered recently that you or your office road warrior should have on hand:

AroundMe (Apple, Android and Windows; free) — You’re a stranger in a big city. You want to relax by going to a movie, but have no idea where. Pull up AroundMe, click the movie icon and –voila! – it quickly aggregates all the options in your area. You can also search for banks, bars, gas stations, hospitals, grocery stores and taxis. You’ll never have to look like a lost out-of-towner again.


HopStop (Apple; free) — HopStop is a brilliant new public transit app that allows you to plan trips in cities across the U.S., plus Canada, the U.K., France, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Germany, Norway, Netherlands and Israel. Using your location, it provides multiple options for subway, bus, regional rail, walking or bicycle travel. It will also compare travel time and costs for a taxi and provide contact info if you decide to use that option.


Skyscanner (Apple, Android and Windows; free) — If you log a lot of air miles, Skyscanner should probably be on your phone. Quickly spot and grab cheap flights by searching 1,000 airlines and more than 1 million domestic and international routes in the blink of an eye. The makers claim it searches every flight everywhere in the world. It’s not tied to any airline or other travel site and often locates great last-minute deals.


Textilus (Apple; $5.99*) — While you’re waiting for your flight to show up late during the busy holiday travel season, pull out your iPad and start editing those important documents with Textilus. It includes a fully-functional word processor, plus document organizing and layout functions. The extended keyboard is particularly keen.



XE Currency (Android; free) — Money makes the world go around, but it can make your head spin when you’re dealing with exchange rates. Take the voodoo out of this task by downloading XE Currency. It will convert more than 180 currencies and allows you to track up to 10 at a time. If you’re a real nation hopper, consider upgrading to the pro version ($1.99*) to avoid ads and track more currencies.


One quick plug: if you’re trying to decide if you want to purchase an Apple or Android device so you can access these handy apps, you might want to check out the “Tablet Showdown” option in IAAP’s new on-demand training webinar series; or attend TEC14 to learn hands-on tips and tricks for using a tablet or iPad for business.

*Price as of Nov. 8, 2013

(Ray Weikal is a Communications Specialist for the International Association of Administrative Professionals and can be reached at ray.weikal@iaap-hq.org.)