Revitalize! A blog about the restructure and revitalization of IAAP

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Welcome to the inaugural post of Revitalize!—the new blog about IAAP’s revitalization and restructure. Here, we’ll be communicating developments on the new structure of IAAP and having a conversation with our members, stakeholders and sponsors. Watch for periodic questions you can weigh in on.

Together we are deciding what IAAP will look like in 2015 and beyond. We’re genuine in saying that you, the membership, have a say in the organization through our surveys, working groups and focus groups. We also want to hear from you through the IAAP comment email, where you’ve been sending your ideas, comments and encouragement. You’re the reason we’re here today and you’re the reason we will exist tomorrow.

In this blog, look out for specific discussions related to our positive forward movement including:

·         Branch Structure

·         Virtual Offerings

·         Special Interest Groups

·         Regional Conferences

·         Education

·         Leadership

·         The list goes on!


Tune in each week (or more) for updates. The comments have been rolling in over the last month. Here’s what just a few of you are saying about the new, revitalized IAAP:

“It’s a GREAT Day IAAP!I was so pleased to learn of the revitalization plans for IAAP.  What an exciting time to be a member of IAAP and to be part of developing its future.MANY THANKS to the board and headquarters staff for their due diligence in making positive changes. I know these changes are just the beginning to enable IAAP to be a highly regarded organization into the future.I believe change is critical for success.”

“So excited about these changes. I can see myself re-engaging with IAAP.”

“I’m actually excited about the restructuring of IAAP. I welcome the change! I agree that the chapters, districts, etc., have become disjointed and disconnected.”

“Love the new focus and the one-vote organization.  We were hanging on to a tradition that needs to be refreshed and updated.  Tradition is always good and has a place in the foundation of the organization, but to keep current, keep members, increase membership and provide what IAAP members need and want, I think you and the board are headed in the right direction! Kudos!!”

“I’ve been a member for 46 years. I’m very, very excited about these changes!”

“I am blown away. I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes. It’s a great, great venture and I can’t wait to see how it’s going to rolled out.” 

“We've needed to make these changes for a long time.  A {removed name} past international president, told us several years ago, that our chapters were dying.  She predicted that there would be no chapters within ten years. She was absolutely right, although a little off on the time frame. 

“Amen! It's about time!”

Thank you for your letters, phone calls, emails and words of encouragement. We are excited about the future of this amazing association.

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Working together with you,
IAAP Staff