4 Keys To Happy Travel This Holiday Season

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Traveling during the holidays can be both a joy and a curse for administrative professionals. It’s great to see loved ones and spend time with family and friends. However, planning a trip, and the process of getting there, can be a big headache. Administrative professionals often have twice the travel planning prep given our responsibility for making our executives’ travel plans.

Going over the river and through the woods – by plane, car, boat or train – doesn’t have to bring out your inner Scrooge. Since I became an administrative assistant, I’ve planned countless trips for myself and my executives during the holidays and throughout the entire year. My experience has definitely taught me how to avoid many travel planning woes.

To help get you and your executive to your destinations safely and sanely, here are some of my tried and true tips.

Create a travel itinerary template
A travel itinerary is a thorough outline of all the trip details, including departure/arrival times, rental car and accommodation information, as well as any meeting/event schedules. This allows you or your executive to quickly locate any necessary information. Also, by creating a template that you can use over and over again, you streamline the process of making future travel arrangements and ensure all the necessary information is available to you and/or your executive for every trip. You can download a free template from my website.

Utilize travel resources and apps
There are an infinite number of travel planning resources and apps available online and for download on your mobile device. Travel sites, such as Frommer’s and Fodor’s, can provide valuable travel insights on everything from the best time to book airfare to specific destination information.

Enlist an expert
If you have access to a travel agent – either personally or through your company – don’t hesitate to ask for help in planning your trip. This is especially true if you’re new to travel planning. A travel agent or agency can help you plan all the details of your trip, and oftentimes has access to better rates on airfare, hotels, and tickets.

Ask for recommendations
The most helpful and useful travel advice usually comes from people who’ve actually been to a destination. Know a family member, friend or colleague who’s been where you or your executive is going? Ask him or her for their advice on where to stay, what to do, and the best way to get there. If you don’t know anyone who has been to the destination, online travel review sites can also be informative.

Traveling and planning a trip doesn’t have to be stressful, even during the busy holiday season. If you plan ahead and be patient, getting there will be part of the fun.

(Julie Perrine, CAP-OM, is the founder and CEO of All Things Admin, a company that provides training, mentoring and resources for administrative professionals worldwide. Julie applies her administrative expertise and passion for lifelong learning to serving as an enthusiastic mentor, speaker and author who educates admins around the world on how to be more effective every day. Learn more about Julie's book,  The Innovative Admin: Unleash the Power of Innovation in Your Administrative Career, and download her free travel itinerary template at her website. Julie’s Twitter handle is @julieperrine, and  you can“like” All Things Admin on Facebook.)