Admins Make "Best Jobs" List

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U.S. News & World Report included administrative professionals in its "Best Jobs of 2012" list, which was released this morning. Both "receptionist" and "administrative assistant" are among the top jobs in the business category, according to the editors and experts who compiled the list. IAAP Education and Professional Development Manager Susan Fenner, PhD, was interviewed for the write-up on administrative assistants. This is great news after years of economic recession when admins everywhere struggled. As we approach the association's 70th anniversary, it's clear that admins remain a vital and growing facet of the world's economy.

The report notes that the administrative professional should see "significant growth" over the next decade.

"Gone are the days when administrative assistants simply had to answer the phone. An increased use of technology within the office setting has allowed administrative assistants to increase their presence within the company," from U.S. News & World Report.