New Salary Guide Positive For Adminisitrative Job Seekers

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IAAP Key Partner OfficeTeam recently released its 2013 salary guide, and it's got lots of good news that should please administrative professionals.

The big picture is that demand and compensation for office professionals are increasing. Salaries increased three to four percent across the board in North America, according to the guide. An administrative assistant who made, on average, $32,250 in 2012, should expect to earn about $1,250 more next year. The consumer price index has hovered around two percent this year, so the salary increases charted by OfficeTeam are small but still significant.

Perhaps more important than the salary increases are the hiring trends noted in the report. Employers are looking for skilled office professionals with top-level experience. Three out four of the human resource managers who were surveyed said it's a challenge finding qualified candidates for administrative professional positions. That's obviously a problem for corporations and organizations that need help. But it's also a great opportunity for IAAP members, who prove every day that they're career-minded professionals. It's a job-seeker's market.

OfficeTeam's annual salary guide is the best of its kind. I always look forward to its release. I can't think of any companies that are in a better position than OfficeTeam to take the temperature of the market for administrative professionals, and that expertise and perspective shows in this guide. In addition to hiring and salary trends for North America, the guide includes a salary index for cities and metropolitan regions, plus timely advice for those looking for work and those doing the hiring. It's a must-read for anyone with a stake in office work.