14 Surprising Jobs Office Pros Do At Work

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Administrative professionals know they're the jack of all trades at work. They've always been expected to find solutions to last minute crises like MacGyvering the copy machine right before a critical meeting. Then there are the extra duties like picking up the boss's dry cleaning, Mad Men style, not so common anymore but still practiced in a few old-school offices. Plus, technology and the recession have conspired to put even more tasks on their desks.

People outside the profession are often less familiar with the wide variety of jobs done by admins. IAAP recently asked administrative professionals on its Facebook page what they do at work that might surprise people. Some of their answers caught even us off guard. If anything, it proves that administrative professionals can be found in almost any type of business or organization. Here are 14 of our favorite responses:

And last but not least...

  1. Take photos of construction sites
  2. Read obituary notices every day
  3. Select and purchase Christmas gifts for their boss's children
  4. Babysitting
  5. Watch veterinary medicine students perform surgeries
  6. Shovel snow
  7. Ship human corneas
  8. Break horses
  9. Pick ackee apples
  10. Perform palm readings at customer appreciation events
  11. Lead tours of a gun range
  12. Coordinate social media sites
  13. Process union grievances
  14. Count dead cats