Member Blog, Leadership Bootcamp Part 2

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Picture it: a small ballroom, round tables with 10 chairs each, and over 500 Administrative Professionals looking forward to pearls of wisdom at the Leadership Bootcamp at EFAM 2014. That’s how we started our Saturday morning – at 8:30 am, mind you – on our first full day in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our moderator, Susan Leahy MA, was dynamic and thought provoking. One idea that resonated for me is that we all have a story to tell. So, think about that.  Do you let your story define you?  Have you become the [insert story here] person? Letting your story be the only defining part of you can be limiting.

Another idea that struck me is how people can read the following




Do you see “Opportunity is nowhere”?  Don’t start beating yourself up. She pointed out that as human beings we tend to see negatives first. Did you read it as “Opportunity is now here”?  I read it the first way and was floored when I saw the rest of it! I realized that, for me at least, I tend to read as if I’m proofing and went to the first word I saw. Now, I see that I should have taken a step back and looked at it from some distance. How many of us could benefit from that step back before reacting?

Finally, I’ll sign off with my new tag line from the meeting:

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