Clear the Attic When Office Tech Overwhelms

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Last week, I posted about The Energy Project CEO Tony Schwartz's call for office workers to increase productivity and satisfaction by focusing on one task at a time and giving themselves periods of real renewal. Schwartz's article is brilliant, but lacks specifics.

I'm following up with a New York Times piece, "When Office Technology Overwhelms, Get Organized." It's an excellent bookend to Schwartz's thoughts. In it, productivity expert David Allen lays out steps to clear away the fog created by multitasking at home and work. Allen believes the key is to inventory all your commitments, clear out what's not needed, clarify your goals, prioritize, then repeat on a regular basis. Modern office workers will increase productivity "by integrating all the chaos of the workplace and staying focused on the most important things, as they relate to your goals, direction, values and desired outcomes," Allen writes. "You must constantly recalibrate your resources to generate the best results, and to say 'not now' to what’s less important."