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5 Advantages And Disadvantages of Becoming A Virtual Administrative Assistant

Whether you are shown the door or you remain, layoffs are miserable. After experiencing my third round of layoffs, I decided I would stop looking for the perfect job and would create the perfect job by starting my virtual administrative assistant service.

This is the first in a series of blog posts about making the transition to being a virtual administrative assistant. The goal of these posts is to provide some useful information for administrative professionals who may want to take the big (and very scary) step from being an employee to business owner.

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5 Steps To An Effective Digital Letter of Recommendation

If it’s your first job or your fifth job, you always want to leave on good terms. Your goal should always be to gather a letter of recommendation from two or three of your professional colleagues. These letters can be very important as you move forward in your career.

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7 Ways To Turn Annoying Coworkers Into A Great Team (Hint: It's About You)

When you have an annoying coworker, everything they do can seem irritating. Annoying coworkers can be recognized by their laziness, over-sharing, obnoxious habits, poor communication, lack of hygiene - you name it! We’ve all been there.

What if your annoying coworkers aren’t really all that annoying? Not true, you may insist as you prepare a list of your coworkers annoying traits. Well I have news for you: your coworkers are not as annoying as you think.

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3 Steps To Great Leadership Qualities

Leadership. It’s a hot topic of career conversations that fuels a multi-billion dollar self-help industry. From highly effective habits to leadership models and personal accounts of extraordinary life-and-death circumstances—the topic touches everyone in some facet of their career.

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Easier, Safer, Faster Records Management

By Christine Nolene

Managing records is often part of the job description of those working in the administrative profession. Often you’re called upon to not only managing your own records but the records of others. There are easy steps to easy records management and simple questions to ask about those records. Below are some easy steps for electronic file management.

Step One: Identify – What is the record and what will be its use? 

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Getting More Done in Less Time

There area new ways to change your thinking to get more done in less time without being exhausted, depleted and overwhelmed. You can be a stellar employee and still go home and be cheerful in your non-work environment. You can experience more meaning and impact in this amazing life.

When we think the thought there’s not enough time, we trigger a fight or flight response. It’s a gift to warn us when we’re in danger. It allows us to react without thinking, which is great when you’re in actual danger.

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Infographic Highlights Key Insights From IAAP's 2013 Benchmarking Survey

IAAP recently released its 2013 Benchmarking Survey report, a comprehensive portrait of administrative professionals. Here's an infographic the association compiled to highlight some of the key industry insights gleaned from the survey (please be patient as it may take up to a minute for the image to load):


Positive feedback is fairly rare in our professional lives. That's why a recent survey from Business Management Daily is so gratifying. The International Association of Administrative Professionals was named one of the top resources for administrative professionals by the prominent industry news and information website.

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5 Ways To Sharpen Your Skills At Work

School may be out for the summer, but that doesn’t mean you should take an educational break. Administrative professionals face an always evolving set of tasks and regular professional development is a necessity. A new survey from OfficeTeam reveals what type of training employees prefer. But it's also an opportunity to outline how to get the training you need.

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Six Key Principles For New Supervisors

Okay, so you’ve been promoted to a supervisory position and you want to be successful but, dang, it’s tough out there, right? Here are some guidelines to help you through the maze.