I am really enjoying the conference! Great classes, great networking opportunities, great food and fun! So glad I came and will be back next year.
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Need help pls to download the link to register for the sessions would like to attend.  am having difficutly finding a link?  any guidance pls?  Time is running out, pls help.  thx
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More and more companies are utilizing Sharepoint for collaboration and document management. Administrative professionals are often tasked with overseeing the sites as part of their records management and meeting support responsibilities. Even if your company isn't using it yet, there's a good chance they will in the future.

Would you like to learn more about this very useful software?

I'm starting a four week long online certification study group for Sharepoint 2013. Sessions will be held from 7-9 PM Central Time on Wednesday nights from Sept. 2-23, 2015. Live sessions aren't convenient for you? No problem, I record all sessions, and the links are available for review at your leisure.

The Sharepoint exam is part of the Microsoft Office Specialist certification program. Each test you take gets you 5 CAP recertification points, up to 20 points maximum under the current recertification guidelines. But you will find this study group useful even if you are not planning to pursue the certification.

If you'd like to learn more, please contact me by email at
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This is my final message to the membership before my term as president ends. It’s been an exciting and fulfilling year. I appreciate each and every member. Thank you for sticking with us as we have been navigating the new IAAP structure.

Our 29 Branches are up and running. You can now access their websites. We officially have 144 new Local Area Networks. You can find more information about the LANs on the Branch website. You can also find out about any other events taking place within the Branch areas, such as Connections and Cocktails events. I’m very excited to see this all come together. Speaking of Connections and Cocktails, if you haven’t visited the Facebook page yet, it’s full of fun photos and also announcements of upcoming gatherings across the U.S. and Canada. You can access it by putting “IAAP Connections and Cocktails” in the Facebook search bar or access it through our Facebook page.

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I am quickly reaching out to you to share in the good news that the IAAP N. Atlantic Branch has approved our application and we are now one of its 7 LANs!!  Encouraged by long time IAAP Springfield Members/Officers, I have accepted the role as LAN Coordinator and am looking forward to help get this PARTY STARTED!!!

We have a number of events in the works and will be communicating these through the IAAP site, e-mail, and social media very soon.  I’m so excited about the IAAP SPRINGFIELD LAN and growing our network of Administrative Professionals.  

Looking forward to seeing you online and at upcoming events,

Jennifer Newman
Executive Assistant

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by Marie Herman, CAP-OM, ACS
Previously published in the July 2015 Issue of OfficePro Magazine.

If only we could count on scientists to figure out time travel one of these days. Just imagine all the mistakes we will be able to go back and correct in the future. In the meantime, though, you’ll need to rely on the wisdom of others to help prevent you from making mistakes in the first place.

Most of us wish we had had someone to hold our hand through our first years on the job. A lucky few were blessed with mentors and patient supervisors who guided us in our journey, but most of us had to feel our way along in the dark, tripping over misplaced office supplies and bumping into open file drawers until we could finally stumble across the light switch and figure out how best to manage our careers. We gained a wealth of experience the hard way, but we would much prefer to share our knowledge with those coming behind us and give them an easier path to follow.

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Just a few short weeks until Summit in Louisville!!! Time is slipping away so quickly! I love having the chance to see old friends and make new friends.

Are you planning to stay an extra day or two for sightseeing, but a little nervous about venturing out on your own? I've organized a full day tour for those who are interested on Thursday, July 30, 2015.

I've chartered a bus which will take us to the Louisville Slugger Bat Factory, then on to a  bourbon distillery. Next we'll head to Mammoth Cave where we will have lunch and get a tour of the amazing caves. 

Cost for this full day tour includes ground transportation, tour fees, lunch, taxes, and gratuities.

If you are interested, drop me an email at and I'll send you the registration information.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!
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This was the most dynamic conference I have ever attended. It ran from 9:00 – 4:00. Check in started at 8:00. (4) 15-minute breaks with an hour lunch.

Set Up: There were 6 rows of long tables in 2 columns where the attendees sat, facing the presenter. I liked this format a lot better because it is set up to learn from the speaker, as opposed to other conferences where the layout uses round tables. The latter format is used to learn mostly from the attendees where discussions and brain storming take place. In this conference, the speaker did most of the talking.

By 4:00, my mind was exhausted and spent, in a good way, with all of the generous information provided. Although additional tools were available at the back of the venue, it really was not needed unless you wanted take-aways.

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Topics : conferences, Career Development

Calling all Central Great Lakes Branch members attending Summit.

Our 'Friends of Michigan' dinner will be held on Monday, July 27th at 6:00 at Bristol on Main, 614 Main Street, Louisville, KY.  Reservations are listed under 'IAAP Friends of Michigan.'

We will be seated in the dining room and they will provide us with separate checks.  The menu is varied and includes salads, pasta, steak, burgers and seafood - something to suit everyone!

Bristol on Main is located 4 blocks from the Convention Center.  All Central Great Lakes Branch members and guests are invited.

If you would like to attend, please contact Marie Ouzoonian, CAP-OM at by no later than July 20th.

Please plan to join us!
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If you haven't seen the new look of a branch website, visit  A fresh, new visual as IAAP's revitalization continues.

Interested in reading your comments.

Judie Yannarelli, CAP-OM
2013-2014 Board President

2008-2015 IAAP Member of Excellence

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It’s almost time for IAAP Summit 2015! I can’t wait to see everyone’s smiling faces and celebrate! And, speaking of celebrating… We hope to see you at The Foundation Celebration from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Tuesday, July 28, at the Galt House where we will be recognizing our fantastic supporters and volunteers. I hope you can join us!


We are excited to share the names of the 2015 scholarship recipients. We’ll be introducing them at The Foundation Celebration as well. For many, this is their first-ever IAAP Summit. Help us welcome them!

Congratulations to the 2015 Amazing Ride winners! Thank you to all of those who participated in the Amazing Ride this year. This event has been the primary fundraiser for The Foundation for the past three years and is crucial to helping The Foundation provide money for scholarships, housing assistance, grants for new initiatives, and other funding that advances the profession. Your donations and participation made a huge impact. Thank you!

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We encounter setbacks. We hit adversity. We make mistakes. We have to absorb sudden and sometimes dramatic changes.

Through it all, resilience gives us the power to overcome setbacks, to bounce back and maintain equilibrium.

Luckily, resilience isn’t something you have to be born with; it’s a skill that can be learned. By understanding and activating the principles of resilience, we can bounce back, and realize the life we’ve always imagined.

Office Dynamics conference theme for 2015 is, “The Resilient Assistant.” Every session will explore how we can apply the science of resilience to transform our experience

What You Recieve: 

  • Login credentials delivered within 3-4 weeks after the conference
  • 11 career and life changing educational sessions
  • Unlimited access to professionally edited video recordings so you can "attend" each session as many times as you like. Unlike other Conferences On Demand, ours has no expiration date.
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Topics : conferences, Career Development , Education Forum

Date of Event: Jan 6, 2016
Time: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Eastern

Managing yourself begins with who you are and how others perceive you.  Managing yourself requires dealing with multiple paradoxes. It is a transformative and influential role which should focus less on authority and friendship with your team and others in the organization and more on trust in your competence and character.

Managing Your Network — Begins with the need to work effectively in political environments without becoming enmeshed or controlled by them. Learn to influence with integrity and the understanding of the political realities of organizational life. Build 3 networks: operational, strategic and developmental of critical people you must work with and whose help you need.

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I will be running a four week online Microsoft Outlook Certification Study Group starting Monday June 29. Learn the nuances of Outlook from calendars to email to tasks and more! Every Microsoft Office Specialist exam is eligible for 5 CAP recertification points (up to 20 points maximum), so this is a great way to earn points too! This is actually a great way to learn more about the program even if you don't want to get certified in it.

Live sessions aren't convenient for you? No problem! All sessions are recorded and be reviewed at your leisure.

Contact me at if you'd like to learn more.

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by Cathy Cassata
Previously published in the May/June 2015 Issue of OfficePro Magazine.

Whether you're looking to expand your networking pool or ready to find a new job, social media can help you reach your goals. 

"Most jobs are still found because someone knows someone. However, remember 
when you're networking online, the whole idea is to move the online to the personal, not just to be collecting a database of people, but to be building relationships, and out of relationships come opportunities, and from opportunities come jobs," says Arnie Fertig, CEO and Founder of Here's how to make the most of your online presence and 

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By Amy Lawrence
Previously published in the May/June 2015 Issue of OfficePro Magazine.

A new study by Pew Research has shown that women equal men in most qualities, such as intelligence and innovation, needed to be a good leader. In some areas, such as ethics and the ability to mentor employees, women are seen as equal or even better qualified for leadership than their male counterparts. And yet, only 5 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs are women. What's the deal?

The study found that one of the key reasons women are not in more senior positions is that, unlike men, whose leadership abilities are 

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I am so excited to be heading to Summit in Louisville in just six short weeks! Time is slipping away so quickly! I love having the chance to see old friends and make new friends.

If you are going to Summit and would like to stay a little extra for sightseeing, but maybe you are nervous about venturing out on your own, I'm actually setting up a tour for those who are interested.

I am organizing a full day tour on Thursday, July 30, 2015. I'll be chartering a bus which will take us to a bourbon distillery for a tour, then go to lunch, and then doing a tour of Mammoth Cave (a gorgeous WOW of a place). It's possible the tour might include one more stop like the Louisville Slugger Factory (seeing if I can fit it in with our timing). Cost for this full day tour will likely be $80-100 (cost will be based on the number of people I expect to sign up as it affects the size bus I have to get) and will include ground transportation, tour fees, lunch and gratuities..

If you are interested, drop me a private message and include your email address please.

I expect to open registration within the next week or two. 
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It seems that every week I am reminded that sometimes consciously making the choice to take a breath and take a break is an essential skill for all professionals.

 I was reminded of this just yesterday.  I had spent quite a bit of time working on a project, and I thought it was looking pretty good.  I carefully considered the colors, font choice, text, and other elements of an announcement to be included on a website. I emailed my client, and asked her to take a look at what I had done. In her reply, she said the layout looked a bit strange. A bit of frustration and fatigue got the better of me, and I was tempted to write her back and ask, "What the heck are you talking about?" But, I didn't. Thank goodness. My colleague and client certainly didn't deserve that kind of attitude from me.

 As I've done a few times before when I've reacted emotionally to an email, I took a deep breath, and then I got up out of my chair and took a walk. As I was walking, I realized that the announcement I designed must have looked differently on her computer than it did on mine. So, when I got back to my desk, I asked her to send me a screenshot of what she was seeing. I also sent her a screenshot of what the announcement looked like on my computer. It turns out that she was seeing a messed up version of the announcement. In fact, as can happen with websites, two different computers were rendering two different versions of the same page.  My client simply refreshed her screen and, suddenly, all was right with the world and we were able to move ahead with the project.

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