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Big things are coming to IAAP!  Here’s what CEO, Jay Donahue, reported to the Association:

  • At Louisville 2015, there will be an all day Leadership Academy, to be followed by an additional 12 weeks of training.
  • Volunteers to working groups will be chosen from the Volunteer form, if you want to help, submit your form.
  • Computer based Certification Tests will be offered starting spring 2015.
  • The CAP Review Guide is being revamped through a grant from the Foundation, and will be deliverable through different media.
  • On-demand education including Webinar Wednesday’s and the Web Portal – both offering recertification points.
  • The opportunity for members to access all webinars in the library for only $299.
  • The IAAP TEC Conference is going on the road.
    • February 2015 – Clearwater, Florida
    • March 2015 – Austin, Texas
    • April 2015 – La Hoya, California
  • The
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I'm delaying packing by writing this blog - I don't want the weekend to end!  The Delaware-Maryland-District of Columbia Division put on a wonderful 57th Annual Division meeting this weekend!  Hosted by the Hager Chapter, we Explored Our Potential as we traveled through the seasons.

Friday we had a wonderful educational seminar entitled Creating the Wow for Your Company, Your Career and Your Life!  Sandy Geroux was a dynamic, passionate speaker who kept us engaged through out both of her sessions during the day.  The Membership Luncheon was wonderful for seeing how much our members had accomplished during the year, both personally and professionally.  Our Vendor Fair and Chapter Fundraising was a great success for all involved.  Friday nights Oktoberfest was entertaining with the host chapter's members dressed in authentic German dresses.  The food was wonderful (Chef Robert came and took a bow) and the entertainment of German music transported you to a German hall.

Saturday started early with the Delegate/Alternate Briefing at 8 am and we went right into the Opening Cermonies at 8:30.  At the first part of our Business Session we had our Omega Ceremony.  It's always sad when we have to induct one of our own into the Omega Chapter, but I find it particularly comforting that I will still continue to be part of IAAP after I'm gone. 
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I really want to know!  It used to be that when you sent your resume in for an advertised position, you got a confirmation that it had been received, then (if lucky enough) you received an interview, then received either a call saying you'd gotten the position, or a letter saying "thanks, but no thanks".

I actually interviewed for a position right before the Thanksgiving holiday.  I was very excited about it and thought that I'd interviewed well.  I didn't hear anything in December, but with all the parties, etc., I just figured that they would contact me at the first of the year.  Now that's come and gone and I still haven't heard.  Next week will be three months from the interview.  I could actually understand not hearing if I had not had an interview.  With the number of applicants on the rise (we just had a low level administrative position receive 210 applicants), not getting back to those who are totally unqualified is maybe understandable.  Still rude, but understandable ... but I had an interview!  The worst part is that the position is an "open until filled"  - and it's still open!
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6 days to go until June 30th, my last day as Division President for the Delaware-Maryland-District of Columbia Division.  I'm happy to be moving on, taking on new challenges, but sad too.  There were so many things I hoped to accomplish this year, and some days it feels like I just got started.

This year has been such a time of growth for me.  I had no idea how much would actually be involved in being Division President.  If someone had told me, would I have still have taken on the role??  You BET!!  The soft skills I acquired this year will carry me through many more years as a member of IAAP and in the workforce.  Negotiating, listening impartially, smoothing the inevitable ruffled feathers will always be of use no matter what I do in the future.  Meeting members and working with everyone this year was exhilarating!  The caliber of members in our Division is tops.  There's so much talent here that it's staggering at times to be part of such a group.

There were some difficulties during the year, but who doesn't have those.  Through it all we acted as professionals, learned more about each other, and came out on the other side with a renewed sense of purpose - which I believe is the best thing to take away from situations.
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Wow!  Such a phenomenal time in Minneapolis, Minnesota!  I'm so tired!  LOL!!  Well, that's what you get for walking everywhere, and going to the Mall of America yesterday and the Mystic Lake Casino.  Oh well...

When we left off it was after 1 am and I was right -- 8 am Wednesday morning DID come AWFULLY early!!  Workshops were fantastic today.  I attended the Delegation one and was given great ideas on how to delegate things without seeming like I was "dumping" on them.  I still find that I need work on the delegation aspect of being Division President, but I'm working on it.  How to delegate meaty things to my board without wanting to retain control of the project??  Ladies, I'm going to give you more things that will interest you (I hope), but be patient with me!

I went to the Microsoft Outlook the Gini and Annette did.  They went into more detail about the features and that will help me more in the future.  I'm very glad I attended these this year.  Remember, all the Triad Consulting handouts are on their website, and you're able to download.  Anyone who wasn't at conference. I'm sure you'd benefit from these.
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When we left our fearless leader she was anticipating the balloting to be in 7.5 hours....Well, it was a site to see!  1st ballot went fine, 2nd ballot went fine -- then Southeast District had to run for a third.  There was a bit of scrambling to get our delegates there, but I believe all the DMD delegates were there.  Thanks ladies!!  Then there were rumblings of possibly a 4th!!  I've attended the last 8 EFAMs and I don't remember THAT many!!  During the leadership luncheon a few phones went off and, when I checked mine, we had text messages saying no 4th ballot for SED!!  Hooray!

Then we had our afternoon business session.  Again, different from past years -- even threw Jeff off his game a bit at the delegates briefing, but he recovered admirably!  Then the bylaws session started.  The dues increase was a hot topic, but during the business session it seemed somewhat tame - at first.  We thought the town hall had defused some of the concerns.  Then the vote on Amendment Proposal 1 came and didn't pass with the 2/3 vote required for adoption (199/103).  We continued on with Proposed Amendment 2 - 310/24 - Passed.  Proposed Amendment 3 - passed.  Proposed Amendment 4 - passed with the deletion of the word "of" in Section 4, b and the insertion of the word "after".  Proposed Amendments 5, 6 & 7 all passed with no amendments.  Proposed Amendment 8 failed.  Standing Rules Proposed Amendment 1 also passed.
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Hi all.  I was asked if I was going to blog while here, and I thought I wouldn't be able to.  Well, apparently I have time, so -- Susan, this one's for you!!

Travel day was Thursday.  We'd planned to come in and take the Canoe Adventure Trip that was offered on Friday.  One week out we got notification that it was cancelled.  Bummer.  Oh well, what to do with the extra day??  So we came from Maryland to Atlanta and finally to Minneapolis.  The Atlanta people couldn't believe that their humidity was less than DC's that day.

We arrived early afternoon and, after getting something to eat, took a walk over to the Convention Center.  Boy, was it a long walk from one end to the other!  I was very excited when we were able to get a room at the Hilton Garden Inn since it was right next to the Convention Center.  Unfortunately, we're on the wrong end of it!!  All the IAAP activities are at the other end of the Center - oh well, as you'll find out, par for my trip out here.

Friday took us out to Target to get some goodies for the room - then the LONG walk back (funny, it didn't seem so long on the way over - must have something to do with the two six packs of soda, the six pack of water, M&M's, etc.) - and it had gotten warmer too.
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