Recertification: The Key to Continued Professionalism

Professional certification attests to the competence of those in a given profession. To ensure maintenance of these high standards, periodic reassessment is used to verify that competencies are maintained. For IAAP certification, that reassessment is accomplished through a program of recertification.

Recertification is required every five years to keep their professional certification status. Points are earned in the categories of continuing Education, Other Certifications, and Leadership. A total of 60 points are required every five years.

The IAAP certification makes a powerful statement of both meeting initial high standards and maintaining those standards through recertification.

All individuals who applied for certification January 1, 1988, or later are required to recertify.

Individuals not keeping current through recertification will have their rating marked inactive and are no longer eligible to use the ratings.

A certificate, valid for five years, will be issued each time an individual is recertified.

Recertification Points

If you have attended IAAP's Education Forum and Annual Meeting (EFAM) or the Spring or Fall Conference, you may need documentation of your attendance for your personal recertification. A list of recertification points forms from various events can be found below.


2014 EFAM - Milwaukee, WI

2014 TEC - Atlanta, GA