The Certification Advantage

Professional certification is a distinction that sets you apart from others. It’s an investment in your career that shows employers,
customers, and co-workers that you are committed to the profession. If you enjoy your job and are good at what you do,
why not back that up with the IAAP Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) designation? Apply for the IAAP CAP today and excel in your career!

Here is what the IAAP CAP certification can do for you:

• Improve your professional qualifications
• Build invaluable personal and professional confidence
• Open new doors in the job market 
• Advance your career to the next level
• Allow you to become the “go-to” resource in your office
• Give you the potential to earn a higher salary and receive a promotion or a bonus

The IAAP Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) is a professional certification geared toward office and administrative professionals. It is the only recognized professional certification in the administrative profession that encompasses all areas of an office environment.   

The IAAP Organizational Management (O
M) is a specific credential that can be earned in addition to a CAP certification. The OM exam focuses on increasing the knowledge, skills, and abilities in the administrative profession. 

Congratulations to the March 2015 CAP, OM and TA Certified Designees!

*Coming in the Fall of 2015 the new CAP Study Guide will be releasedsponsored by a grant from The Foundation of IAAP.
 The CAP Study Guide is a set of comprehensive study materials, that will align to the new CAP Body of Knowledge.
 Written by subject matter experts, the CAP Study Guide will help those who are preparing to sit for the new CAP Exam. 

IAAP thanks The Foundation of IAAP for its support of the administrative profession and for generously investing in the success of administrative and office professionals.

Examination Dates & Deadlines

You must submit an application and receive approval from IAAP before you can take the CAP and/or OM exams.
Once approved, you’ll receive detailed instructions on how to schedule your computer-based exam.

*Applications for March 7-12 Certification Dates will be available by August 7th, 2015!

Exam Dates

Application due to IAAP (received by) Late Application
(received by)
Schedule CBT Appt.
with Pearson

Mar 7-12, 2016 Dec 1, 2015 Dec 8, 2015 Beginning Jan 5, 2016

Eligibility Requirements:

Before applying for the exams, you must have administrative experience. All experience submitted must have been earned in the past 10 years. Of that, twelve consecutive months of experience must have been with the same employer in the past 5 years.

Education: Experience Required:
No college degree 4 years
Associate degree 3 years
Bachelor’s degree or higher 2 years

If you choose to use education as a way to meet the experience requirement, your college degree must be in a business-related field.

What is on the Exams?

The CAP is a single 3.5 hours exam with approximately 300 questions.


  • Communication, Organization and Planning
  • Information Distribution, Records Management
  • Document Production 
  • Physical and Information Resources 
  • Financial Functions and Human Resources

The OM is a single 3.5 hour scenario-based exam with approximately 175 questions.


  • Organizational Planning
  • Advanced Communication
  • Advanced Administration
  • Team Skills

Testing Locations

The CAP and OM are computer-based exams that are administered through an authorized Pearson Vue testing center.
Those wanting to take the Certification can visit the  Pearson website to find a testing center near you.

*Testing has also been approved for; Jamaica, Bahamas and St. John’s NL Canada.
 However, these locations are not searchable on Pearson’s website until after a candidate has been approved for testing.
They must also be logged into their personal Pearson Vue web account.

IAAP Exam Application

Attention: New CAP & OM exam application for the 2016 Certification will be released Early August of 2015!

How to Apply for the Exam

Changes are being made to the IAAP CAP & OM Application!
New Application will be coming early August 2015.

All applications are acknowledged by email within 2 business days of receipt.

Contact us if your emailed application has not been acknowledged within 2 business days.

Contact us if your mailed application has not been acknowledged within 7 business days.

Technology Applications Specialty

If you have the CAP certification, take the next step in your career by attaining the Technology Applications Specialty from IAAP.

Earning the Technology Applications Specialty demonstrates your commitment to continuing your technological education.

Here's how:

  1. Attain CAP certification.
  2. Complete three of the optional Technology Modules. These modules cover the Microsoft Office Suite.
  3. Pass the test to receive a Microsoft Certification in at least one of the Technology Modules you completed. 
  4. Submit the application and fees to receive the TA specialty. 

Technology Applications Specialty Application  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Technology Applications Specialty