Ways to Earn Your Degree

Students may receive credit for courses in a variety of ways.

Note: To obtain an Associate degree, at least twenty-five percent of the credits must be taken through Madison College

Take Online Courses
Online courses are available through Madison Area Technical College (Madision College)

Get Credit For Experiential Learning
Madison College will grant advanced standing credit for college-level learning that occurs outside the classroom. Waive courses and save tuition if:

College-level learning is documented through having received the Certified Professional Secretary (CPS) and/or the Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) certifications available through IAAP at testing centers throughout the world. See Professional Certification for information on these certification programs and to locate testing centers near you. (CAP must have been earned before November 2004.)

College-level learning is documented through the Experiential Learning Portfolio process

Students may prepare an experiential portfolio to validate skills developed through various life experiences. Individual courses have varying requirements to document experiential learning. The student prepares a portfolio to submit to a faculty member for review. Additional information on Experiential Credit.

Advanced Standing
Advanced standing is credit granted toward the completion of a particular degree/diploma. If granted, a student need not take a course or a substitute course required by the curriculum. No grade is received for the course nor is there a charge for the course. Grade point average is not affected by courses waived through advanced standing. Madision College will grant advanced standing based on demonstrated/documented college-level learning. The total for all forms of advanced standing cannot exceed seventy-five percent of the credits required for graduation.

Additional information on Advanced Standing.

Performance Testing
Certain courses may be waived if skills and proficiencies can be demonstrated by a student via required challenge exams.

College Credit for Obtaining the CPS®/CAP® Certification
Many students with the CPS and/or CAP rating may be awarded college credit for related courses by their having successfully passed sections of the exam(s) related to this content.

Although Madison College focuses on providing education toward an Associate degree, some courses may assist students in the preparation for CPS and/or CAP certification exams. For more information on the two certification exams, go to Professional Certification.