Online College FAQ

What are the advantages of online learning?

There are many advantages to online learning:

It is cost effective – no commuting.

It allows you to study and learn at your convenience and own pace

You can receive information and even obtain a degree while still holding down a full-time job.

With e-learning, you can learn any time, any place where there is a computer; there’s 24/7 accessibility.

Most employers have tuition reimbursement as an employee benefit. They will be glad that you don’t have to "leave work" to attend a class.

You can prepare for professional certifications, take a single course to help you personally or on the job, or work toward a college degree – all without leaving your home

You can meet other professionals – just like yourself – from literally around the world.

You actually have better access to faculty and technical help because you can post questions or seek assistance any time of the day or night – not just during faculty "office hours."

There’s no circling the campus looking for student parking.

What computer requirements are there for taking online courses?

For online courses, students must have access to a computer with the following recommended requirements:

2 Gigahertz (GHz) processor or faster Sound Card or integrated/on board sound
High-speed Internet connection Plug-ins as needed (webcam and microphone recommended)
80 GB hard drive Microsoft Office 2010
2 GB Ram  Internet Explorer 7 or later
Windows XP or later  
What if I only want to take individual courses and not work toward a degree, can I do that?

Any of the courses listed in the AP Administrative Professional Program may be taken individually. You do not need to plan on working toward a degree, but can take courses to fill skill gaps or to keep pace with changing work requirements.

How can I get the textbooks needed?

Textbooks may be ordered online at Web orders will be shipped the next business day. A fee of approximately $15 will be added to the cost of each textbook to cover shipping and handling. Either prepayment or credit card may be used to purchase textbooks.

What type of tests will I have?

Course testing varies. It may include projects, multiple-choice tests, hands-on tests, and other forms of evaluating understanding and application of the material.