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IAAP is the premier association focused on ensuring office and administrative professionals have the opportunity to connect, learn, lead and excel. Take charge of your career with certification, networking, training and much more through IAAP.

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Payment Plan Options

In an effort to help our members with their financial planning and budgets, IAAP now offers payment plans for the Professional Membership annual dues. 
*Annual, semi-annual, and quarterly options are available.

To set up your new membership or renewal using one of the payment plans, contact us at or by calling 816-891-6600. This will allow us to assist you right away and ensure your payment plan is implemented correctly.

IAAP annual membership dues can be paid in three types of installment options:

  • Annually - $141
  • Semi-Annually - $74 payable twice per year ($148)
  • Quarterly - $39 payable four times per year ($156)

First installments of the payment plan options are due on join or renewal date. Non-payment of an installment payment will result in membership lapse and removal of membership benefits.

IAAP membership is non-refundable and renewed annually.


IAAP | The Organization


  • Provide professional development and education to gain the skills our members need to succeed
  • Lead our members to connect with peers
  • Share insights and best practices our members utilize to lead and teach their colleagues
  • Educate our members to distinguish themselves within their companies and the industry
  • Urge our members to become certified as experts in the administrative profession


IAAP | The Members


  • Connect with our peers
  • Are equipped with the right skills
  • Lead and teach our colleagues
  • Are distinguished within our company and in the industry
  • Serve as certified experts in the administrative profession

Benefits of IAAP Membership

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