IAAP—Leading Administrative Professionals

Since our beginnings as an association, those working in the administrative profession have turned to IAAP for guidance in an often turbulent, ever-changing work environment. Throughout the years, the ways that IAAP helps its members and defines the profession has changed with the culture. Our new brand is a reflection of those changes.

IAAP logoThis new logo better communicates the centralized nature of our organization; that we are the “go to” association for our profession. The logo, along with the new tag line, encapsulates all that we are: The center of business and the center of a well-functioning office.

If you're an established veteran looking for new skill sets and connections, new to the profession and looking for guidance, or anywhere in-between, IAAP is there. IAAP—Leading Administrative Professionals.


 IAAP Rebranding FAQ

As an outcome of the Futures Conference held March 2013 in Anaheim, Calif., major stakeholders made the recommendation to refresh the visual identity of IAAP to increase global brand awareness.

IAAP contracted with an agency, which has years of experience working with associations and non-profits, to launch a rebranding effort for the organization.

For years, IAAP had lived under its globe logo, which did not adequately represent the profession. Nor did the old logo include a tagline that clearly defined what the association encompassed.  As a rule, your tagline is a 3-second elevator pitch. It should quickly and succinctly educate someone on the intent of the business or organization.

We know the new logo mark and tagline is a big change. We hope the following FAQ will help answer questions you might be asking:

When will the new logo be reflected across IAAP’s website and printed materials?

As soon as possible. However, it is important for IAAP to be fiscally responsible and therefore, we’ll be using up our current collateral stock before ordering new brochures, envelopes, fliers and business cards with the new branding. Rebranding an association does take time, so please be patient as we update everything. We will be rolling out a new look and feel for IAAP programs over the next 18 months.

Where can I find our new chapter/division logo?

Chapter and division logos should be available before the end of August. Logos will be distributed online at http://asp.iaap-hq.org/logos as soon as they are available. 

Where can I purchase IAAP merchandise with the new logo?

Once IAAP’s new storefront is open (Fall 2013) new emblematic merchandise will be available for purchase.

We like the old logo. May we continue using it?

No. As an organization, we are trying to clearly define the organization with a logo and tagline that quickly and succinctly explains who we are and what we’re about. Using various logos and themes muddies the waters. It confuses those who are not familiar with our association and even those who are.

Speaking of themes, where is the new IAAP board theme and logo my chapter/division can use?

As explained during IDPC, the board of directors is no longer promoting a theme or branding each year. The board supports IAAP having one logo, one theme, and we hope the chapters and divisions will institute the same. IAAP will be hosting a rebranding webinar for chapter and division leaders in September to help with brand marketing and messaging as we move towards a concise brand throughout all of our various local, state, and regional arms.

Why doesn’t the new logo include “International Association of Administrative Professionals”?

Because saying it takes too long! In this day and age where people communicate via text and 140 characters on Twitter, we need to quickly and concisely say who we are and what we do. That’s why we added a tagline to the new logo mark.

Why is this logo better than our classic logo?

Hours of market research went in to developing the new logo mark. It represents the various areas of IAAP and its members and leaders coming together to form a cohesive unit. Admins are connectors and that is what the new mark represents.

What’s the goal of the new logo? Why do we need it?

Because the members at the Futures Conference identified IAAP’s globe logo as a barrier to entry when trying to explain what IAAP is and what it represents. 

Where can I get a pin with the new logo?

New emblematic merchandise will be available Fall 2013 in the new IAAP bookstore. At this time, we do not anticipate having lapel pins however.

Why didn't you consult the members for their opinion of the new logo?

Actually, we did. The International Board unanimously approved the new logo earlier this year following feedback received at the Futures Conference. The over 200 stakeholders who attended the Futures Conference identified IAAP’s globe logo as “low hanging fruit” and an item that could quickly and easily be changed to get IAAP on the course to revitalization and new energy. Additionally, we held phone interviews with several members so the design firm could get a clear understanding of who IAAP members are and what they represent.

In addition to a new logo, what other changes can we expect as a result of the Futures Conference?

The members who participated in the Futures Conference produced a five-year strategic plan to guide the association in its mission to become more relevant for today’s administrative professionals. You can read more about the strategic plan here.