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 2014-2015 IAAP President

Antoinette Smith, CAP-OM (automatically assumes the office of President for the 2014-2015 year)

 IAAP President Elect

Wendy S. Melby, CAP-OM
Wendy S. Melby, CAP-OM
Waukesha Chapter, Wisconsin Division, Great Lakes District

Employment:Sr. Executive Administrator & Program Manager    reporting to Jonathan Ravdin, M.D./ President & CEO, Paragon Development Systems, Inc.; with PDS Inc in March 2013. Prior: Manpower Group, CWS Source Inc, WE Energies, RedPrairie.

Education:CAP Certification, OM Specialty, IAAP; Associate Certificate in Project Management from MSOE; certified in HR Administration; certified in HR Management.

IAAP Background: International: 2013-14 IAAP Vice President and liaison to The Foundation Board of Regents;2012-13 The Foundation of IAAP Vice Chair; 2011-12 IAAP Treasurer; 2009–11 IAAP Director, Great Lakes District; 2008–09 Bylaws and Standing Rules Committee. Division: 2007–08 Division President, Distinguished Division President in New Chapter Development; 2006–07 Division President-Elect; 2005–06 Division Treasurer; 2003–04 Division Vice-President (half term). Chapter: 2001–03 Chapter President, Distinguished Chapter President (twice). Chaired and/or served on numerous chapter and division committees.  Other: Member of Project Management Institute and Society of Human Resource Management.

Statement of Interest:My enthusiasm and desire to achieve what’s in our members’ best interest will continue to drive my commitment presently and into the future. Now is the time for change and tough decisions need to be made. By strategically committing to IAAP’s mission, I feel I am qualified to make those decisions so we can guarantee that IAAP will be around for many years to come. We may not be the association for everyone but we can become the BEST association for those who are committed to the administrative profession and who views this field as his or her career of choice!

 IAAP Vice President

Kristi Rotvold, CAP-OM
Kristi Rotvold, CAP-OM
Red River Chapter, Minnesota-North Dakota-South Dakota Division, Northwest District

Employment: Executive Assistant reporting to Mike Begeman, Vice President of Public Affairs and Chief of Staff, Sanford Health; with Sanford Health 19 years.

Education: CAP Certification, OM Specialty, IAAP; University studies in Sociology and Business.

IAAP Background: International: 2013-14 and 2012-13 IAAP Secretary; 2010-12 IAAP Director, Northwest District; 2009 EFAM Co-Coordinator. Division: 2009-10 Nominations Chair; 2008-09 President; 2007-08 President-Elect; 2007 DAM Co-Chair; 2006-07, Division Secretary; 2005-06 Division Treasurer. Chapter: 2004-05 Red River President; 2003-04 President-Elect; 2001-03 Secretary. Chaired and/or served on numerous chapter and division committees.  Other: Sons of Norway member, Sanford Employee Crisis Fund group.

Statement of Interest:This is a crucial time in the life of our organization. Changes – some easy, some hard – must be made in order for us to grow and to serve administrative professionals for another 71 years. It’s imperative we revitalize IAAP as we move forward. Many of us joined for education, certification and networking. These are still our core services, but we need to increase the flexibility and availability of education and certification and enhance networking by implementing changes to times, locations, seating arrangements, group size – whatever brings in new members and retains current members. Membership in IAAP has broadened my education and increased my confidence, which allowed me to move up in roles at work and in IAAP. I want to continue to serve in order to bring these possibilities to more members. Through service as vice president, I will continue my commitment to these initiatives and the relevance of IAAP.

 IAAP Secretary

Dortha W. Gray, CAP-OM
Dortha W. Gray, CAP-OM
Houston Chapter, Texas-Louisiana Division, Southwest District

Employment: Executive Assistant reporting to Timothy K. Driggers, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, EOG Resources, Inc;  with EOG Resources 39 years.

Education:CAP Certification, OM Specialty, IAAP.

IAAP Background: International: 2013-14 and 2012-13 IAAP Treasurer; 2010-12 IAAP Director, Southwest District; 2009-10 Bylaws and Standing Rules Committee Chair; 2002-03 Bylaws and Standing Rules Committee Southwest District Representative. Division: 2007-08 President; 2006-07 President-Elect; 2005-06 Vice President; 2003-05 Treasurer. Chapter: 2000-03 Treasurer; 1999-2000 Director; 1997-99 Treasurer; 1995-96 President; 1994-95 President-Elect; 1993-94 and 1990-91 Director; 1988 Recording Secretary; 1984-86 Director; 1983-84 Recording Secretary; 1981-82 Treasurer. Chaired and/or served on numerous chapter and division committees.

Statement of Interest:  Being a long-time member of IAAP, I know the association’s history. But we must look to our future. Serving on the IAAP Board for the past four years has awarded me the opportunity to be involved in the planning for our future. I participated in the developing of our five year Strategic Plan 2013-2018. The work has just begun on the goals and initiatives that were identified in the Strategic Plan and I want to remain involved on the IAAP Board to see these goals and initiatives come to fruition. I have the commitment, experience, and inner drive to advance these goals and initiatives.

 IAAP Treasurer

Sharon K. McPherson, CAP-OM
Sharon K. McPherson, CAP-OM
Cape Cod Chapter, Greater New England Division, Northeast District

Employment: Administrative Associate – Finance, Grants, & Data Systems, reporting to Dr. Mary Czajkowski, Superintendent of Schools, Barnstable Public Schools; with Barnstable Public Schools 25 years.

Education: CAP Certification, OM Specialty, IAAP

IAAP Background: International: 2012-14 IAAP Director, Northeast District. Division: 2011-12 Greater New England Division Certification Chair & RTF Chair; 2010-11 President; 2009-10 President-Elect; 2007-09 Treasurer. Chapter: 2005-07 Distinguished President; 2004-05 Vice President; 2003-04 Treasurer. Other: National Association of Educational Office Professionals.

Statement of Interest:I have been an active IAAP member since joining in 2002, with 11 of those years dedicated to leadership positions. It has been an incredible journey thus far, and I am motivated by the opportunity to continue on as your IAAP Treasurer for the 2014-2015 IAAP year. I will: uphold the integrity of this position; implement strategies focused on strengthening IAAP’s financial performance; and ensure all other activities of the board are in alignment with our member-driven strategic plan. I am aware of the functions of the Treasurer and understand the fiduciary responsibility to represent the interests of the members. I am also cognizant of the fact that this is a new era for the IAAP and there are significant challenges to overcome. I remain ever optimistic that the Association will thrive and ensure individuals working in office and administrative professions have the opportunity to connect, learn, lead and excel.

 Northeast District

Catherine S. Hoke, CAP-OM
Catherine S. Hoke, CAP-OM
Hershey Chapter, Pennsylvania Division, Northeast District

Employment: Executive Assistant to Jill Walmer, Vice President Operations and Joy Matoney, Director, Health Plan Operations Change Initiatives, Highmark Inc.; with Highmark Inc. for 27 years.

Education: CAP Certification, OM Specialty, IAAP; Associate Executive Secretarial Science Degree, Harrisburg Area Community College.

IAAP Background: International: 2012-14 Bylaws and Standing Rules Committee Chair; 2011-12 Bylaws and Standing Rules Committee. Division: 2010-11 President; 2009-10 President-Elect; 2008-09 Vice President; 2007-08 Secretary; 2005-07 Certification Committee Chair. Chapter: 2006-07 Publications and 60th Anniversary Committee Co-Chair; 2005-06 Certification Committee Chair, Publicity Committee and Newsletter Editor; 2004-05 President; 2003-04 President-Elect; 2002-03 Vice President; 2001-02 Recording Secretary; 1999-2001 Co-Chair Education Committee.  Other: Administrative Office Specialist Advisory Board, Harrisburg Area Community College.

Statement of Interest: I am committed to serving our members with integrity, respect and fairness. I am inspired to motivate members to realize their valuable contributions to their chapters, divisions, to the association and to themselves. As progressive innovators, we will encourage the future growth of IAAP. I believe acceptance of new ideas and change is about how we treat people. An essential component to our success is encouraging member engagement. By treating members with dignity and respect, they become more engaged and feel valued and respected for their ideas and opinions. I am committed to leading with purpose and to enriching member experiences in an inclusive environment of trust and cooperation.

Marsha Kremzier, CAP-OM
Marsha Kremzier, CAP-OM
Frederick Chapter, Delaware-Maryland-DC Division, Northeast District

Employment: Senior Administrative Assistant to Andrew Kauffman, Vice President, Marriott International; with Marriott International for one year. Prior: Crucell Biologics and EMMES Corporation.

Education: CAP Certification, OM Specialty, IAAP; Madison Area Technical College; studies in Applied Science for Administrative Professional.

IAAP Background: Division: 2013-14 President; 2012-13 President-Elect; 2011-12 Vice President. Chapter: 2010-11 President; 2008-10 Vice President; 2008-10 Newsletter Editor, Fundraising Committee Chair, Bylaws and Standing Rules Committee Chair.  

Statement of Interest: I am always looking for a challenge – to not only apply what has brought me success; but to also find new approaches and develop additional skills, while working to succeed on that new challenge. My journey, within IAAP, has been rewarding:  First, the path taken to lead the Frederick Chapter, to become more IAAP objectives-oriented and more professional. Then, the path taken at the Division level, focusing on the same themes, while handling the challenges there, working with the Division Leadership to become more Association business-focused and integrating the Chapters into being a collective force. Moving to the District level will allow me to work with the NE District Divisions to provide guidance and materials to promote, achieve, and maintain Association performance, to achieve its strategic and operational business imperatives and objectives; and work directly with HQ leadership on creating repeatable processes to maintain the advances achieved.

 Northwest District

Carol L. Hardin, CAP-OM
Carol L. Hardin, CAP-OM
Pikes Peak Chapter, Colorado-Wyoming-Montana Division, Northwest District

Employment: Executive Assistant to Dave Fuino, Program Director, Honeywell Technology Solutions, Inc; with Honeywell Technology Solutions, Inc 10 years.

Education: CAP Certification, OM Specialty, IAAP; Secretary-Receptionist Certificate and Speedwriting Certificates, Barnes Business College; Certificate in Advanced Accounting, Rock Mountain Community College; Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, Honeywell Technology Solutions, Inc.

IAAP Background: International: 2013-14 Certification Working Group. Division: 2013-14 President Mentor and Bylaws and Standing Rules Committee Chair; 2012-13 President; 2011-2012 President-Elect; 2010-12 Pathways to Excellence Committee Chair; 2010-11 Vice President and Membership Committee Chair.Chapter: 2009-10 President; 2008-2010 Budget Committee; 2008-09 President-Elect; 2006-07 Certification Chair; 2005-06 Recording Secretary; Chaired and/or served on numerous chapter and division committees. Other:American Society of Administrative Professionals; American Association of Notaries.

Statement of Interest: I have always been one who believes that if you are going to be a member in an organization you should get the most out of it and give 100% by being active. I have been very active with IAAP for my entire membership of 10 years and am looking forward to many more years with this remarkable organization. I have learned so much from being an active member of IAAP; it has helped me develop my personal confidence and leadership skills, and allowed me to build a great network base. With developing my personal confidence, I have been able to step out of my comfort zone and into Chapter and Division leadership. I am ready to take the next step of leadership as our next Northwest District Director. I believe in our organization and want to help move our organization forward and show the value of our membership.

 Southwest District

Debra L. Burruss, CAP-OM
Debra L. Burruss, CAP-OM
Sacramento Chapter, California Division, Southwest District

Employment: Administrative Assistant to Al Hernandez-Santana, JD, Legislative Director, California Federation of Teachers; with California Federation of Teachers 15 years.

Education: CAP Certification, OM Specialty, IAAP.

IAAP Background: Division: 2011-12 President; 2010-2011 President-Elect; and Leadership Conference Chair; 2009-10 Vice President and Annual Education Forum Chair. Chapter: 2012-14 President; 2012-13 Tri-Chapter Technology Event Committee; 2007-09 President; 2006-07 First Vice President/Membership Chair; 2005-06 Second Vice President/Program Chair. Chaired and/or served on numerous chapter committees. Other: Sacramento Police Activities League Committee; I Am Peace, Inc; Women’s Civic Improvement Club; Sacramento Interracial Families group.

Statement of Interest: As Southwest District Director, I will be an active participant in the ongoing changes making IAAP more relevant and uniquely positioned to provide top quality resources to all admins. I will work with the International Board, Division Presidents and Chapter Presidents to encourage IAAP members to attain administrative excellence by attending chapter, division and International meetings and special events. Our discretionary time is as limited as our discretionary funds, so admins must make the most of their precious time if they expect to get ahead in their jobs. IAAP is there as a valuable tool in an admin’s toolbox for their professional development, skills enhancement and leadership training. I will encourage non-members to join, mentor division and chapter leaders and promote certification, professional development, leadership skills, communication and community service.

Mary F. Madick, CAP-OM
Mary F. Madick, CAP-OM
Heart of America Chapter, Missouri Division, Southwest District

Employment: Payroll Supervisor/Admin Officer to Leslie Ingram-Wright, Assistant to the Director, Kansas City, Missouri Fire Department; with Kansas City, Missouri Fire Department 38 years.

Education: CAP Certification, OM Specialty, IAAP

IAAP Background: International: 2013-14 Target Membership Segments Working Group; 2012-13 IAAP Bylaws and Standing Rules Committee. Division: 2013-14 Bylaws and Standing Rules Committee; 2012-13 Board Assistant; 2011-12 President; 2010-2011 President-Elect; 2008-10 Treasurer. Chapter: 2006-08 President; 2004-06 Vice President; 2002-04 Treasurer; 2001-02 Membership Chair; 2000-01 Hospitality Chair.

Statement of Interest: Great leaders are present; listen, motivate others, through knowledge, words and actions. Doing so provides a sense of belonging and ownership by all. Together through education and encouragement we can build IAAP into the recognized and acknowledged principal association for administrative professionals. Build it and others will come.

Nora Y. Onishi, CAP
Nora Y. Onishi, CAP
Hawaii Chapter, Hawaii Division, Southwest District

Employment: Executive Assistant, Legal Affairs & Operations to Hoyt H. Zia, Sr. Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Hawaiian Airlines; with Hawaiian Airlines five years.

Education: CAP Certification, IAAP; Bachelor of Arts Degree in German and Japanese, University of Hawaii.

IAAP Background: International: 2013-14 IAAP Bylaws & Standing Rules Committee; 2012-13 Ad Hoc Committee on Chapters At Large; 2011-12 IAAP Committee on Nominations. Division: 2010-2011 RTF Chair; 2008-10 Immediate Past President, Chair, Nominations Committee and Chair, Publicity Committee; 2007-08 President; 2006-07 Vice President, Chair Nominations Committee and Chair, Publicity Committee; 2005-06 Secretary; 2002-04 and 1999-2000 Building Fund Ambassador. Chapter: 1997-98 President; 1996-97 President-Elect; 1995-96 Vice President; 1994-95 Secretary; Chaired and/or served on numerous chapter committees. Other: McKinley High School Alumni Association Board; Society of Human Resources Management, Hawaii Chapter; Interline Secretaries Club of Honolulu; multiple National Honor Societies.

Statement of Interest: For the past 20 years, I have reaped a myriad of benefits from IAAP - the organization and the community. IAAP has provided me with opportunities to grow both professionally and personally. It’s now time for me to “give back” to IAAP and to be a part of the team that ensures and perpetuates the legacy of IAAP for future generations of administrative professionals. My passion for life-long learning, enthusiasm for engaging members through servant leadership and belief in strategic planning as a means to effective succession planning and sustaining IAAPs relevance are what I bring to the table. In addition, I am committed and have both the desire and drive to keep IAAP a viable and preeminent professional organization for administrative professionals and would like to be a part of the team that takes IAAP to the next level of becoming a truly global organization.

Sharon Taylor, CAP
Sharon Taylor, CAP
Johnson County Chapter, Kansas Division, Southwest District

Employment: Project Coordinator for Erik Jacobson, Incident/Problem Manager, The University of Kansas Hospital; with The University of Kansas Hospital 20 years.

Education: CAP Certification, IAAP; ITILv3 Certification

IAAP Background: International: 2014 Organizational Structure Working Group Division: 2013-14 Chair, Committee on Nominations; 2013 Division President’s Award Winner; 2011-13 Pathways to Excellence Committee; 2010-11 President; 2009-2010 President-Elect; 2007-09 Secretary; 2006-07 Certification Chair;  Chapter: 2013-14 Parliamentary Advisor; 2012-14 Chair, Bylaws & Standing Rules; 2012 Member of the Year; 2011-12 Board Director; 2009 Member of the Year; 2008 APW Chair; 2004-07 President, Distinguished Chapter President; 2003-04 Vice President; Chaired and/or served on numerous chapter and division committees. Other: Healthcare Information Management Systems Society; Partnership for Emergency Planning; No One Dies Alone; Crestview Elementary School Parent Teachers Association, Shawnee Mission North High School PTA.

Statement of Interest: My passion for IAAP was ignited the minute I joined and continues to grow. Fresh out of high school, working as a bank bookkeeper, my goal was to become a secretary. I achieved that goal and the desire to become a top-notch secretary was born. I worked in different secretarial positions before I learned of IAAP and all their offerings. I worked my way through chapter and division positions, while being mentored by many wonderful, knowledgeable people along the way. I believe in the mission and core values of IAAP and feel that I am an able servant, ready to promote the relevance of administrative careers in today’s workplace while serving on the IAAP Board of Directors. While I have learned and accomplished so much as a member and volunteer leader, I see myself continuing to grow into the administrative professional of my dreams while serving in this capacity.

The Foundation of IAAP has undertaken many steps over the past few years to provide a strong infrastructure to be a supporting organization for those working in the office and administrative profession as well as for IAAP. Doing so will support the IAAP’s vision to ensure opportunities to connect, learn, lead and grow.

Following the 2013 business session held in Anaheim, CA, the boards of the IAAP and The Foundation of IAAP approved a change in legal counsel.  As a result, management requested that the new legal counsel undertake a review of the organizational structure, governance, operations, policies and practices of IAAP and The Foundation of IAAP to assess their legal health and diagnose each organization’s legal and best practices strengths and weaknesses, and propose any necessary or advisable corrective or preventative measures.

The audit provided the Board of Regents notice that The Foundation was not operating within its Articles of Incorporation. Thus, the Board of Regents voted to suspend elections and appointments for the 2014-15 governance year. Fortunately, those individuals currently serving on the board have agreed to continue their volunteer service for another year. This decision will provide the regents with the continuity to further develop its emerging strategic plan, goals and objectives, and program support during the year ahead. 

The regents will also use this time to examine its current election and nomination processes to insure that The Foundation is utilizing best practices in carrying out its governance responsibilities.

We appreciate all of your ongoing support of The Foundation and its mission.