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IAAP CAP Study Guide Preview
IAAP CAP Study Guide  

The 2017 CAP Study Guide and SmartBook is applicable for the Spring 2018 CAP Exam.  IAAP will be publishing a new edition for the Fall 2018 CAP Exam which will be available in April of 2018.


This second edition of the IAAP Certified Administrative Professional Study Guide helps candidates navigate through information to prepare for the IAAP Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) 2017 certification exam.

To be eligible to sit for the IAAP CAP exam, IAAP requires a combination of education and/or years of experience. Once accepted to sit for the examination, a significant amount of preparation is required due to the breadth and depth of the information covered. The IAAP CAP Study Guide takes the IAAP CAP exam’s Body of Knowledge and provides candidates with a foundation to prepare for the exam.


Since the certification exam is based on information, skills and goals within a profession, no one source completely prepares an individual to sit for the IAAP CAP and guarantee a passing score. However, the IAAP CAP Study Guide, written by subject matter experts, delves into the seven domains and their performance outcomes providing candidates with a starting point to develop a personalized study plan based on the individual candidate's education and experience in the administrative profession.


This study guide was made possible by a generous grant from The Foundation of IAAP

IAAP CAP Exam Preparation SmartBook  

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AVAILABLE NOW! The IAAP CAP Exam Prep SmartBook takes the CAP Study Guide to a new level of exam preparation using adaptive learning technology.  What does that mean? The content is delivered based on your personal level of knowledge. A continually personalized reading experience is created by highlighting the most impactful concepts you need to learn at that moment in time. The more you interact with SmartBook, the smarter it becomes. Highlighting will change over time and will show you content you need to learn now (yellow) and content you should reinforce soon (green).


As you read, SmartBook quizzes you along the way, making sure you understand the key concepts. Based on your responses, and a number of other metrics, SmartBook adapts the highlighting and questions, tailoring each study session specifically to you.


To ensure mastery and long term retention of material, SmartBook directs you to recharge the important material right when you’re likely to forget it. Additionally, you can personalize your learning experience even more by including extra readings, web-links, and questions in the notes section of the SmartBook.


This study tool was made possible by a generous grant from The Foundation of IAAP



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3 month subscription $150

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Bundle options

IAAP members can also bundle the print version of The IAAP 2017 Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) Study Guide with purchase of a 6 month or 12 month subscription of the CAP Exam Preparation SmartBook for only an additional $65 (print version is regularly $129). This option is only available to IAAP members. (shipping is included in the below costs)


Bundle Pricing:

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6 month subscription and print version of The IAAP CAP Study Guide $214

12 month subscription and print version of The IAAP CAP Study Guide $234


To purchase, visit learn@IAAP and search "exam" in the Learning Catalog. IAAP members, please sign in prior to adding to your cart to receive member pricing.



The International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) does not endorse any study materials, groups, or exam preparation courses. The IAAP Certified Administrative Professional Study Guide - Preparation Reference for 2016 CAP Exam was developed by subject-matter experts using the IAAP CAP Body of Knowledge who did not have access to or knowledge of current CAP Exam questions.  The IAAP Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) exam is governed by the Certification Administration Board (CAB) whose members are not involved with the development or administration of any preparatory resource.

The CAP Study Tools mentioned on the IAAP Website are for reference only and do not guarantee success on the examination.  IAAP’s goal is to provide candidates with access to a variety of quality preparation options. 

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