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How To Recertify

1.    Familiarize Yourself with Qualifying Activities

Recertification points can be earned in three categories:

·       Professional Development (required category)

·       Industry-specific Professional Development (optional category)

·       Leadership (optional category) 

The Recertification Handbook will include specific details on qualifying activities and how points are calculated within each category.


2.    Track Your Points

As soon as you certify or recertify, start a spreadsheet (or something similar) to track points as those are earned. At the end of your five-year cycle, you’ll need a total of 60 points with at least 30 points in Professional Development.


A sample recertification spreadsheet is available on the IAAP Website  to help track your progress. 


3.    Keep a File of Supporting Documentation

In addition to your spreadsheet of points earned, start a file of your supporting documentation.


For all Professional Development, your supporting documentation must verify attendance and include:

    ·      The subject and/or description of education

    ·       Date of completion

    ·       Length of education


For Leadership positions, attain a letter from the organization that includes the position held, primary duties of the position, and length of term served.

4.    Apply

When you have the 60 points earned and are due to recertify, submit an application, the required fee, and your spreadsheet of points earned within your five-year cycle. 


5.    Begin a New Cycle

Once your recertification application has been approved and processed, you will begin your next five-year cycle.


*Individuals who maintain their professional credentials will receive a certificate or plate.