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IAAP Revitalization


  The world of office administration and support has changed. When IAAP started in 1942, our members were writing letters on manual typewriters. The role of a secretary hasn't disappeared, it has evolved. IAAP needed to evolve as well, hence our revitalization.

  New changes in the association are already better leading office and administrative professionals into the next generation. 

  We help those who work in support professions  become leaders in their organizations. We strive to  provide all administrative professionals with opportunities to improve, and succeed.

  Every day the staff and volunteer leadership at IAAP are working to ensure the association is an adaptable, growing resource for this working in office and administrative professions. 


Helpful Infographics

The IAAP Revitalization is gradually becoming a reality. We want to ensure each of our members is knowledgeable about the changes. That's why we've created a couple of helpful, clickable infographics for understanding why we made the changes and what's to come. We hope these helpful tools will aid in your understanding. 



IAAP Revitalization 101
Click the image to learn about new IAAP structure.

All About IAAP LANs
Click the image to create a viable IAAP LAN in nine easy steps.


We want you to be just as excited as we are about these upcoming changes! If you still have questions or want to get involved, feel free to email us.

Additional Resources

For a more detailed look at the IAAP Revitalization, be sure to check out our additional resources like timelines, maps, and more!

You'll gain a more thorough understanding and learn how to become a part of these new changes. 


IAAP Revitalization Timeline 
Keep tabs on the when of the IAAP Revitalization with this helpful timeline of events

IAAP Branch Map
Find out where each of the 29 Branches in North America are with the help of
comprehensive list and map

IAAP LAN Application
It's here! Don't delay, submit your LAN Coordinator Application now!