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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Approved by the IAAP Board of Directors October 17, 2017


Core Purpose

To provide education, certification, and leadership development to administrative professionals.


IAAP will advance the administrative profession through advocacy and empowerment.


Brand Awareness IAAP’s brand will represent excellence in certification, education, and leadership development for administrative professionals.


1.     Increase marketing of CAP

2.     Increase partnerships and collaborative efforts with strategic organizations and individuals

3.     Create and execute a communication strategy and awareness campaign


Certification CAP will become the industry standard for evaluating administrative professional competency.


1.     Create a test group of employers to add CAP to their hiring process to establish a baseline

2.     Establish KPI’s and annual review process for employer test group

3.     Create partnerships with universities and secondary schools to align curriculum with the CAP Body of Knowledge

4.     Increase the number of certified administrative professionals


Education IAAP will provide relevant education to improve job performance.


1.     Align education with CAP Body of Knowledge

2.     Create a new hire on–boarding tool kit for administrative professionals and executives

3.     Create and execute a conference marketing and communications strategy


Leadership Development IAAP will empower administrative professionals through development and application of leadership skills.


1.     Create leadership curriculum tracks which align with stages of the career

2.     Increase leadership participation in IAAP’s Branches, LANs, and governance structure