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Why Recertify

Professional certification attests to the competency of those in a given profession. To verify the quality of these high standards, periodic reassessments are used to ensure these professional competencies are maintained. This process is known as recertification. 

The IAAP Body of Knowledge (BOK) is the basis for earning and maintaining CAP credentials.

Recertification became mandatory January 1, 1988. Individuals who applied to take the certification exam prior to January 1988 are “grandfathered”, or exempt from recertification. Those who applied to take the certification exam January 1, 1988 or later are required to recertify every five years in order to keep their professional certification status.

CAP holders can earn recertification points in three categories:

  • Professional Development
  • Industry-Specific Professional Development
  • Leadership

Within a five year cycle, 60 recertification points are required with at least 30 coming from the Professional Development category.

Individuals not staying current through the process of recertification will have their certification status revoked and will no longer be eligible to use the professional credentials after their name.

IAAP CAP certification makes a powerful statement by meeting initial high standards and maintaining those standards through recertification. The program increases the value of the CAP credentials and to the administrative profession as a whole.