Administrative Professionals Get the Spotlight In New Report

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The International Association of Administrative Professionals’ 2013 Benchmarking Survey provides key insights into an often overlooked but vitally important segment of the labor force.

Office and administrative professionals account for more than 20 million people in North America alone, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. They are the hubs of any office and help businesses thrive around the world, yet their work remains largely unrecognized. Every two years, IAAP conducts a comprehensive survey of these valuable employees.

This survey is used by businesses and organizations to help set standards for compensation, benefits, professional development, workload, techniques and technology in offices around the world. The outcomes of this year’s survey will also play a vital role in IAAP's programs and services. IAAP depends on the results for a 360-degree perspective on administrative professionals.

Here’s a sample of the many key insights from IAAP's 2013 Benchmarking Survey:

  • Job Responsibilities and Workload — About two-thirds of all administrative professionals make and/or recommend purchasing decisions for their employers. These decisions are worth on average approximately $20,000 a year per individual.
  • Compensation/Benefits — Pay raises for administrative professionals outpaced the rate of inflation by 13 percent since 1993.
  • Professional Development— Two-thirds of all administrative professionals get 10 or fewer hours a year of training provided by their employers.
  • Office Technology— “Keeping up with changing technology” was the top choice when administrative professionals were asked to identify the most significant issue they and their colleagues will face in the next five years.
  • Workplace Culture— Being an effective communicator is the most important quality for managers, executives and bosses, according to administrative professionals.

For more than 70 years, IAAP has recognized the critical role played by its members. This survey reinforces the value of administrative professionals within the international economy. Taken as a whole, the data proves that this often-overlooked group of employees provide critical support services around the world. IAAP encourages all businesses and organizations to integrate their administrative professionals as full members of their office teams and provide them the training and support they require to succeed.

View the 2013 Benchmarking Survey infographic for more takeaways gleaned from the survey. Download the PDF attached below to read the entire report.

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