Celebrate Administrative Professionals Week April 21-27

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Administrative Professionals WeekModern business is a storm. Modern office professionals bring order. That’s why we’re celebrating Administrative Professionals Week April 21-27, 2013.

Office professionals anticipate needs, connect stakeholders, track details, deliver results and ensure that business gets done. When resources are stretched, they find solutions. When roadblocks appear, they build workarounds. They ensure that projects end on time and under budget. When their executive gets a new smartphone or tablet, they figure out how to use it. When a meeting goes too long and off topic, they make sense of it. When you have two dozen team members on three continents meeting remotely with a client, they schedule the event, invite the participants, master the application, record what’s said and summarize the results.

An office professional adeptly jumps from work involving technology, finance, customer services, logistics, contractors, the law, health care, human resources, taxes and government regulations all in one day and without blinking a well-trained eye. They unlock the front door in the morning and are the last to leave at the end of the day. Nothing happens in your business that doesn’t in some way cross their desks.

Every April for 61 years, the International Association of Administrative Professionals has been asking businesses around the world to show gratitude for the people who get the job done in their office. In 2013, celebrate Administrative Professionals Week April 21-27 and Administrative Professionals Day on Wednesday, April 24.

At IAAP’s website, there are resources to help every office celebrate, including a history of APW, an FAQ, local events and list of ways to make office professionals feel recognized. We welcome everyone to use the official APW logo to promote your event. It was carefully designed to reflect the central role office professionals play in modern business.

IAAP, headquartered in Kansas City, Mo., is the world’s leading association for administrative professionals, with about 500 chapters and approximately 20,000 members worldwide. IAAP sponsors Administrative Professionals Week®, held the last full week in April and Administrative Professionals Day® on Wednesday of APW. Further information about IAAP is available at www.iaap-hq.org.

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