Technology's transformation of the workplace not only places a premium on technical abilities, also puts employees' interpersonal skills to their greatest test. Ironically, the more advanced technology becomes, the more a worker's interpersonal skills are showcased. The reverse is also true -- people who are lacking in them will expose these shortcomings to widening audiences as the technological tools used in business result in more frequent information exchange. E-mail memos, for example, place writing skills in plain view of many different people simultaneously.

Q: I'm thinking of going back to school to pursue a college degree. What type of degree is most valuable to administrative professionals?

A: Here are some things to consider:

There is nothing easier than being a critic and knocking down others’ ideas. It’s a bit more difficult to come up with a possible solution and win allies to implement it. So, it’s no wonder that the world is full of negaholics at a time when what we really need is more creative-minded, optimistic, futuristic, well-positioned risk takers.