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Understanding Social Media Lingo

Social media is a vital tool for every administrative professional. Social sites, including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, can enhance your networking abilities, develop your personal brand, and help you identify new job opportunities.
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Document Collaboration: Tips & Resources for Using Word & Google Docs

As an administrative professional, chances are you collaborate on documents and spreadsheets with your team members, executives and other administrative professionals. Gone are the days of revision and attaching files to an e-mail. A plethora of tools and software exist, but the two most commonly used are Word’s Track Changes feature and Google Docs. Whether you’re a novice or you use one or both of these programs frequently, here are some tips and resources to collaborate on documents more effectively and efficiently.

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Four Reasons People Ignore Your Emails

You are being ignored. No one likes being ignored, but people are deleting your emails without even reading them. You’re writing these updates and memos and you’re attaching minutes and agendas for meetings, yet when everyone shows up, it’s quickly evident that no one read the information.  They received it, but they didn’t read it. That’s a problem---and a huge waste of time.

So, if you want your coworkers to continue to cast aside your emails without so much as a second glance, stick with these commonplace e-writing slights:

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How To Fix Your Ugly Chart

Microsoft Excel is almost legendary for its ability to create ugly charts. The default settings often contain too much “bling.” Chart controls are numerous and intimidating, so many people choose to just leave them alone. As a result, you’ll see a lot of charts that look like this:

This chart is overly complicated and difficult to digest. But following the simple steps below, we can easily improve this chart. Are you ready? Great, let’s do it.

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Is Your Wireless Network Secure?

Are you getting ready to start telecommuting? If so, keep in mind you may be storing and transmitting sensitive company data. There are two things to protect yourself against: unauthorized access to your wireless network and authorized network users gaining unauthorized access to your computer. Those who might gain unauthorized access may not intend to do harm, but may do so inadvertently. For many hackers, just getting into a network is a trophy, of sorts. You definitely don’t want your company’s data to be anyone’s trophy.


Without good project management practices, whether in a traditional office or working on your own as a virtual assistant, you need insight and control over how much a project will cost you, how much time it will take, and what objectives you’re trying to achieve.

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5 Advantages And Disadvantages of Becoming A Virtual Administrative Assistant

Whether you are shown the door or you remain, layoffs are miserable. After experiencing my third round of layoffs, I decided I would stop looking for the perfect job and would create the perfect job by starting my virtual administrative assistant service.

This is the first in a series of blog posts about making the transition to being a virtual administrative assistant. The goal of these posts is to provide some useful information for administrative professionals who may want to take the big (and very scary) step from being an employee to business owner.

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Magnificent 7 Mobile Apps For Event Planning

Tell a room full of meeting planners that they can replace their heavy three-ring binder of banquet event orders with an iPad, or Android and you’ll have their attention and instant devotion. That’s because the back-breaking binder, which is any event’s bible, is widely regarded as a necessary (and not so eco-friendly) evil.


Professional portfolios demonstrate skills and experiences, and signify an admin’s dedication to his or her profession.

Do you need a job? Want to impress your boss? Think about creating an e-portfolio.

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6 Reasons To Host A Web-Based Meeting

By Roger Courville

In his brilliant book Start With Why, Simon Sinek makes a compelling case for what leading organizations do differently: They put “why” before “how” and “what.”

People who create the most value for their organizations with web conferencing do, too.

Let’s start with two easy assumptions: