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College Credit

Learn how to use CAP (Certified Administrative Professional) and other professional development activities to complete a college undergraduate degree.
Most colleges and universities offer credit for prior learning for assessment-based certifications like CAP (Certified Administrative Professional) and assessment-based certificates of completion like OM (Organizational Management) offered through IAAP. 
What is credit for prior learning?
Credit for Prior Learning, also known as Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), is the process of earning college credit for college-level learning acquired from other sources, such as work experience, professional training, military training, or open source learning from the web.
How do different colleges handle PLA?
Individual colleges and universities assess learning and award credit differently. Look for their "transfer of credit" or "credit for prior learning" policies on the web site or course catalog of the college or university you're interested in attending. Their procedures should be clearly stated. A few things to look for:



  • Credit maximum: Different institutions have different policies on the amount of college credit they will award based on prior learning.

  • Transferability: Not all colleges and universities accept other institution's evaluation of prior learning. For example, if College A awards you 9 credit hours for your professional certifications and you decide to transfer to College B, that does not mean College B will recognize those 9 credit hours.

  • Credit by Exam: Find out which exams the institution recognizes for credit. What are the equivalent courses for each exam? What is the maximum number of credits that can be granted? Are there any conditions or prerequisites to earn credit through an exam?

There is no set standard for credit form prior learning; colleges use different assessment methods to evaluate prior learning. For example, some colleges may use several options, such as credit by exams, certificate and certification evaluation (i.e. CAP, OM, MOS), while others use portfolio assessment. Methods may also vary according to the degree program.

Additionally, some colleges and universities will award credit for prior learning, while others will waive course requirements. For those that award credit, it might be applied in different ways, such as elective credit, or to meet a general education requirement, or a requirement for a specific major.
Source: American Council on Education, 2015
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