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Links to Core Resources

Listed in the CAP Body of Knowledge are subject-specific recommended readings for each of the seven domains, however these five textbooks contain a wide variety of content covered on the CAP examination, thus are good general reference material when studying.

Additional resources are also contained in the IAAP CAP Study Guide. 

Links to CAP Core Resources



Bovee, C. L. & Thill, J. V. (2015).

Business Communication Today.

Pearson Prentice-Hall




Rankin, D., & K. Shumack. (2016).

The Administrative Professional: Technology and Procedures, 15th Edition.

Delmar Cengage Learning




Shockley-Zalabak, Pamela. (2015).

Fundamentals of Organizational Communication.




 Stulz, K. M., Shumack, K. A. & Fulton-Calkins, P. (2012).  Procedures and Theory for Administrative Professionals.  South-  Western Publishing Co




 Vermaat, M. E., Sebok, S. L., Freund, S. M., Campbell, J.  T., & Frydenberg, M. (2015).  Enhanced Discovering Computers.  

 Cengage Learning