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How To Prepare

A combination of education and/or administrative experience is required to sit for the CAP exam. No two candidates will have the same background, nor will any two candidates have the same knowledge base. One thing that is known, each person will require a significant amount of preparation due to the broad range and depth of information the exam covers.  


CAP Body of Knowledge

The IAAP CAP Body of Knowledge (BOK) is the foundation that makes up the CAP examination. It consists of seven main domains and their Performance Outcomes (POs). These are the concepts, skills, and activities you will be required to know. Keep a copy of this document handy as you’ll need to refer to it often.  

Exam Prep CAP 
Assessing your current knowledge, knowing your learning style, developing a study plan, and tips on how to study are all essential parts to be successful on the exam. The Exam Prep Document will assist you in developing a roadmap to be successful.

Classroom training, self-study, group review, or review/study materials, which one do you choose? There are a variety of methods and resources available. We have highlighted a few different options for you to choose from to help you in your journey of becoming CAP certified.

IAAP CAP Study Guide

Since the certification exam is based on information, skills and goals within a profession, no one source will completely prepare an individual to sit for the CAP and guarantee a passing score. However, the IAAP CAP Study Guide, written by subject matter experts, delves into the seven domains and their performance objectives. The guide will also suggest additional resources you can study to help you be as prepared as possible for the exam. The IAAP CAP Study Guide will look in detail at these seven domains and dozens of performance objects: 

  • Organizational Communication
  • Business Writing and Document Production
  • Technology and Information Distribution
  • Office and Records Management
  • Financial Functions
  • Human Resources
  • Event and Project Management 

As an added bonus, there's a chapter in the IAAP CAP Study Guide that addresses test anxiety. Very few people will say their favorite activity is sitting for a three and a half hour exam. So much of our self-identity is tied up in our professional life; therefore, an exam like the IAAP CAP is a high-stakes proposition