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Information for Nominees

If you have been nominated for an IAAP Achievement Award you will be responsible for submitting an awards application/nomination response. All entries must be submitted in English and must be received electronically by IAAP by March 15th.


If you were nominated you should have received an email from IAAP on January 15th with a link to the online submission form. Please use the link from your email to access the form to make your award submission. 

What is an exemplar?

The purpose of the exemplar is to communicate the member’s contributions and accomplishments that exemplify IAAP’s vision, core purpose, and core values and is based on the criteria for the IAAP Achievement Awards. Give specific examples to reinforce your statements.

The following questions may help you write up your submission:

  • How does the nominee support the vision, core purpose, and core values of IAAP?
  • How does the nominee connect, learn, lead, and excel?
  • What were the nominee’s professional goals/objectives? How were they reached?
  • How is the nominee innovative or improving upon what has been done in their profession/workplace/career?
  • How does the nominee excel in the workplace?
  • How is the nominee involved with other organizations or opportunities (groups, businesses, government agencies, etc.)?
  • What kind(s) of community involvement does the nominee have, and how does that enhance the nominee’s career or development?

These are just some examples of questions to ask yourself as you write your exemplar. Be sure to include others in the writing process so that you have the benefit of multiple perspectives.

Try to paint a very clear picture as you tell your story. Give concrete illustrations of how you met your outcomes.

Exemplars should be written by the individual.

Be sure to proofread for punctuation and spelling.

Remember, you’re submitting to win an award, so you want your submission to be phenomenal!