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Member of Excellence


Member of Excellence 2017-2018

Program date begins July 1, 2017. Applications open on September 1, 2017.
The deadline for submitting the Member of Excellence Application is June 1, 2018


Use this tracking spreadsheet as you work toward your Member of Excellence.


Criterion of the program

-Submissions must be made online using the online submission form.

-A Member of Excellence will receive a PDF certificate and Member of Excellence logo.

-A Member of Excellence will attain a minimum of 8 of the following 14 criteria:

  • Hold a current IAAP Certification
  • Attend at least one professional educational workshop, seminar, webinar, or conference (at least 60 minutes in length) It can be an IAAP or non-IAAP workshop, seminar, or conference
  • Serve as a member of the IAAP Board of Directors, member of The Foundation of IAAP Board, Branch Director, LAN Director, Working Group Chair, Working Group Participant, Committee Chair, or Committee Member, serve on a college/university advisory board for the office administrative program (any one of the above)
  • Conduct a public career/workplace/profession related presentation, program or training at least 60 minutes in length (Note that the presentation does not need to qualify for recertification points) This may be a presentation on IAAP membership if made to an organization outside of IAAP
  • Attend a minimum of five (5) of the following: Branch Event, LAN Event, IAAP HQ sponsored meeting, event, or webinar (working group meetings may count for this criterion)
  • Recruit at least two new members
  • Integrate IAAP membership and involvement into annual performance plan or review
  • Be an Association Influencer for the current year
  • Host a Connections & Cocktails or Connections & Coffee event
  • Participate in an IAAP HQ sponsored informational/training webinar
  • Contribute to OfficePro, a web community blog (as a writer), be featured in a member spotlight in the web community, or create a discussion on LinkedIn
  • Demonstrate excellence in the workplace (e.g., employee recognition, letter from a boss)
  • Serve as a leader at work or in another organization (such as: United Way, community service organization, work place committee)
  • Refer two speakers to IAAP Approved Programs Database


To submit the application:

  1. Log in to learn@IAAP
  2. Search "Excellence" in the Learning Catalog
  3. Launch the Member of Excellence Online Submission 

Once launched, you have 15 days to complete the application. (logos are sent via email within 15 days of completing the application)