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IAAP CAP Body of Knowledge

The 2017 CAP Body of Knowledge is applicable for the Spring 2018 CAP Exam. The Certification Administration Board will be publishing an updated CAP Body of Knowledge based on the 2017 Job Task Analysis research later this year, for the Fall 2018 CAP Exam.

The CAP exam is based on the CAP Body of Knowledge, which is developed by practicing professionals and business educators conducting a job analysis study. The goal of the study is to collect qualitative and quantitative data regarding practices conducted by administrative professionals then update the Body of Knowledge used to create the CAP exam to ensure it is clear, comprehensive, and reflective of current practice. This is done approximately every five years.

Under each of the seven functional area domains are performance outcomes. Performance Outcomes (POs) are detailed, measurable competencies based on the most significant knowledge and skills the administrative professional should know to be successful in their positions, in support of the well-being of the organization. Under each PO are bullet points tying the competency to specific business and/or office functions.

CAP Exam Domains

  1. Organizational Communication 24%
  2. Business Writing and Document Production 22%
  3. Technology and Information Distribution 16%
  4. Office and Records Management 15%
  5. Event and Project Management 12%
  6. Operational Functions 11%

Please submit contact information below to download the complete CAP Body of Knowledge.